we have decided to answer some of the questions that we get asked on a daily basis.. hope this helps!

where's your shop?

our shop is at 7a crown street, ab11 6ha. it's a 10 second walk off of union street, next door to 'The office' bar and across the road from the 24 hour shop & Turkish barbers.

what time are you open?

we are open Tuesday - friday 10am - 7pm and 10am - 4pm on a Saturday. we are closed on Sunday & Monday

do you do gluten free cupcakes?

gluten free cupcakes are currently not something we offer

do you do vegan cupcakes?

yes we do, please contact us for more information.

can you just come in and buy cupcakes?

this is one we get asked a lot! yes, like any other bakery there is a selection of cupcakes available in the counter every day, no need to pre-order unless you require more than 24 at once

do the cupcakes come in boxes?

yes they do, we don't expect you to juggle!

what box sizes do you do?

you can have however many cupcakes you want, but the box sizes we offer are 1, 2, 4, 6, 12 & 24

do you accept payment by card?

yes we have a card machine and there's no minimum spend

can you donate cupcakes for a raffle prize?

we get absolutely inundated with requests for raffle prizes, whilst I'd love to support them all, unfortunately it's not possible. we have our own charities that we regularly support and donate to and we've raised HUNDREDS POUNDS for Alzheimer's Scotland

How much are the cupcakes?

our cupcakes are £2.25 each or 12 for £25.00. our cupcake jars are £4.00 each

do you do deliveries?

we offer cupcake deliveries through a third party delivery company called One delivery. orders must be placed through their website at http://www.one-delivery.co.uk - we do not control the delivery radius or cost of delivery.